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Advertisements, Business Cards, Posters, Point of Sale, Signage, Presentations, Brochures, Reports, Approval Processes, Brand Protection, Image Library, File Delivery, Languages, 24/7 Operation, Access Anywhere in the World, Great Cost Savings, Speed to Market, Simple to Implement, Robust, Instant Report Process

How is your art department or advertising agency using their creative skills?

You pay for creativity but are you really paying for repetitive donkey work? That’s the situation for most companies and it’s a waste of time and your money…lots of time and money. Surely a solution that provides you with brand controlled material for both printed and online for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time is worth looking at.


A solution that requires virtually no skill and can produce material for anywhere in the world in any language. We guarantee that you can produce results for less than your current costs and in less time.


Photo Library

Your entire photo library can be housed in Fast Art where each photo will be automatically sized to appropriate dimensions and copyright usage data maintained  and controlled.

Speed to Market

Often creative departments and advertising agencies can take days and even weeks to process material. This delay slows down the marketing of your company and marketing initiatives. 


Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic… typed on a keyboard using that language will produce art in that language.


Print ready and online artwork is delivered to media organisations and printers anywhere in the world and is checked to meet their requisite specifications before delivery. The process is also fully tracked.

Simple to Use

You will be amazed how simple the system is to use. A single run through and you will be able to confidently use Fast Art.

A Marketing Resource

Apart from generating artwork the system can hold all marketing material and information to provide 

a central resource for all personnel.

Working 24/7

The system can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime of the day.

Simple to Implement

The simplicity of operation for the user means that over many years implementation has proven to be 

quick and effective.

Brand Protection

The value of your brand is protected without fail.


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